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Holistic Healing of Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions

Marie Lachney’s latest book “HOLISTIC HEALING of Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions” is a compendium of the knowledge and skills that she has acquired over a period of four decades and that she used with clients from across the U.S. and beyond.

Ending Financial Problems by Understanding Your Personality Type

Each of the nine personality types creates financial problems in a few specific areas of spending. Using the enneagram system of personality analysis, the content of this book will help you determine your basic personality type and find the economic danger areas for your type.

Living Within Your Means

All money is spent to meet either two real needs or three false, perceived needs. Also, three areas account for all financial waste and crisis. Find those eight facts in the pages of this book and you will have a basis for solving your spending problems. This book presents a proven method for using wisely the amount being earned now in order to avoid financial ruin and/or bankruptcy and to help you retire early or to help secure your economic future.

A Twelve-Step Journey to Self-Transformation

A Twelve Step Journey to SELF-transformation is the true story of two men whose paths crossed and whose lives were changed forever after. The authors reveal how they reached all four levels of healing that Bill W. spoke of: spiritual sobriety, mental sobriety, physical sobriety, and emotional sobriety.

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