A Twelve-Step Journey to Self-Transformation

A Twelve Step Journey to SELF-transformation is the true story of two men whose paths crossed and whose lives were changed forever after. The authors reveal how they reached all four levels of healing that Bill W. spoke of: spiritual sobriety, mental sobriety, physical sobriety, and emotional sobriety.

Note: do you want to share copies of this book with friends in aa, with people you are sponsoring, or with your sponsor? You can pay for the books with a pay button, send floyd their email addresses, and he will send each a copy of the book as an email attachment, explaining that it is a gift from you. They can open the book attachment on their computer, laptop, phone, or tablet. Some groups of ten or more are meeting and going through the book together. Email floyd at nonduality2@gmail.com for details on sending copies of the book as gifts.

NOTE: More people stop their step work at the Fourth Step than at any other point. You can do your Fourth Step “in person” with Floyd via Skype. (Skype is a free service and Floyd can guide you through the Skype setup process if needed.) You will be doing your Fourth Step exactly the way that the founders did it so successfully with their proteges when they took no more than an hour to complete the step. You can also do yours in a one-hour Skype session and then move on. Email nonduality2@gmail.com for information. 

Please note: This is not a book that focuses on the journey of its two authors but is actually a HOW TO book that shows how to work the twelve steps, how to take others through the steps, and how to continue to grow and remain happy and joyous and free. 

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