Ending Financial Problems by Understanding Your Personality Type

Each of the nine personality types creates financial problems in a few specific areas of spending. Using the enneagram system of personality analysis, the content of this book will help you determine your basic personality type and find the economic danger areas for your type.

Financial problems cannot end until their causes are understood, and to know that personality can unconsciously drive thoughts and words and actions around money and spending in to understand cause and find solution.

The book includes information on the ways that specific personality types can inspire certain thinking problems in regards to money, problems that also lead to financial hardships.

Additionally, the book offers an explanation of the correlation between one’s personality type – and a partner’s personality type, if applicable – and the specific kinds of financial problems that manifest repeatedly in correlation with any particular personality type.

Then, specific opportunities for solutions are discussed.

It is recommended that readers also order “Living Within Your Means,” a guide that can help you set up your own personal budget. That book includes instructions for downloading a free Excel Budget Template that you can use for setting up your own budget.