Living Within Your Means

All money is spent to meet either two real needs or three false, perceived needs. Also, three areas account for all financial waste and crisis. Find those eight facts in the pages of this book and you will have a basis for solving your spending problems.

This book presents a proven method for using wisely the amount being earned now in order to avoid financial ruin and/or bankruptcy and to help you retire early or to help secure your economic future.

The plan revealed in this booklet can also help those who are doing well earning money but who could manage their funds even better through use of the plan. By using this method, the author was able to handle his finances in a way that allowed him to retire at the age of 54.

In this booklet, you will be invited to see that the roots of the problem of over-spending go far deeper than your financial experiences alone and deal with certain mindsets that lead to economic problems. This plan allows your budget to put controls on the flow of your money.

You will also be offered information about certain “Myths about Money” that lead to financial ruin, and you will be introduced to the two types of bills that everyone has: “Periodic” and “Monthly.” A discussion will be offered that introduces the first part of the solution to solving financial problems, namely, accurate analysis of current debt and expenses. you will be shown how to calculate “Monthly” debt and “Periodic” Debt and how to set up your own personal budget by using the Spreadsheet Template that you can download for free.

This book will guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up a system that will allow you to manage the money and to understand that often, money problems are not solved by getting more money; instead, this book can offers the opportunity to live within your means and to be free of the compulsive spending habits that lead to bankruptcy, divorce, misery, financial failure, constant pressure, worry, and low self-esteem.

What readers are saying: Marie L. says: “With the help of the ideas and budget information in this booklet, I have been able to accomplish financial goals that I had intended to accomplish, but couldn’t, for 30 years.”

Yolanda L. says, “The budget booklet helped us resolve the financial fights occurring daily in our marriage. We are now ‘on the same page financially’ and loving it.”

Mark H. says: “Without some financial plan, we are relegated to a life of fear around our finances. This budgeting for dummies guide has shown me a simple, easy plan to take control of my income and expenses in a relatively short period of time, has reduced my economic fear, and has replaced it with hope and excitement watching MY budget control my decisions, watching my debt reduced, watching my savings and investments grow.”